RecordLink eXport

Browse students and staff, select documents and export them to a secure folder for transfer between schools and agencies or for archiving.

All qualifying documents are exported to a password protected folder, complete with an index file and meta-data, for easy and secure sharing on the network, by email, online or with digital media.

Extract student or staff records in minutes

SIMS permissions apply

Create secure archives of SIMS documents

eXport individual student documents (eg SEN) for case work

Share documents with Secondary schools alongside CTF

Respond rapidly to DPA requests

RecordLink eXport Licence: 

£120 per annum, unlimited users

To place an order please call us on 01453 882 719.

Usage examples

Having completed an upload to CTF a primary school user selects all Yr 6 students going to a particular secondary school and eXports all or some documents to a secure indexed folder. The folder is shared with the secondary school online or by digital media and the password transmitted separately. The secondary school admissions team then save the folder locally and browse for documents in their original format using the index file.

A secondary school wishes to maintain a fully searchable archive of all leavers' documents. The RLeX user selects All Year 13 Students and All Documents. The secure folder containing the documents, index file and meta-data is saved to the network for immediate use or permanent archive. 

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RecordLink eXport saves hours of manually extracting documents when we transfer students.

Jarrod Collings, Queen Katherine School

For more information or to place an order please call us on 01453 882 719 or email us here

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